Autocompleting commands in the command line using the tab key is a great way to save time and avoid typing errors. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open your command line interface (CLI) of choice, such as Terminal on macOS or Command Prompt on Windows.
  2. Start typing a command, such as “cd” or “ls”.
  3. Press the tab key on your keyboard.
  4. If there is only one possible completion, the CLI will automatically fill in the rest of the command for you.
  5. If there are multiple possibilities, the CLI will show you a list of options that match what you’ve typed so far. You can continue typing to narrow down the options, or use the arrow keys to select one of the suggested options.

For example, if you type “cd D” and then press tab, the CLI might show you “cd Documents/” as a possible completion. You can then either continue typing the rest of the folder name, or use the arrow keys to select “Documents/” from the list and then press enter to complete the command.