We help publishers, software industries and digital content rights owners protect the value of their premium content. We fight and legally stop digital pirates, preventing the illegal distribution of copyright content.

We monitor search results pertaining to your content for legality, and have all pirated copies removed by taking the matter up with the concerned search engine. Once reported, these illegal search results should be taken down within a day.

24/7 detection, de-indexing, monitoring, and enforcement.

A look at the issues caused by online pirated content


The growing demand for pirated content, fueled by easy access to P2P networks and the increasing high speed internet coverage, has resulted in over $100 billion in revenue losses for companies in the publishing, TV, music, software, gaming and film industries.

As the online piracy landscape shifts and becomes more sophisticated, you need an effective solution to accurately detect, verify and enforce against copyright infringements.

Let's Fight Piracy Together

Bytevarsity Online AntiPiracy provides you with a unique combination of proprietary technology, data intelligence and cyber expertise to detect and defend against online piracy occurring around the world.

The solution ensures the best antipiracy strategies are in place for consistent protection of digital content and delivers key insights into how piracy trends are developing.

Combating Piracy - Our Methods are Proven.

Content Submission

The first step of our process. Here we input your copyright books, images, videos and software that are being illegally distributed by other websites

Piracy Discovery

We detect piracy using different tools and also check manually on major search engines such as Google and Bing for illegal distribution of your valuable content.


We send takedown notices to the website administrators and copyright protection authorities. We guarantee removal of unauthorized content within 24 hours.

Revenue & Profitability

All this ends with increasing your profits and revenue by making it hard for normal people to find your pirated version online.

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