About Us

Empowering small businesses, we specialize in facilitating incorporation and fostering growth. Our dedicated services cater to the unique needs of entrepreneurs, providing seamless solutions for business establishment and expansion. 

Elevate your business journey with our expertise and support, ensuring success in every step of your entrepreneurial endeavors.

Our Services

Team of experts | We Provide 40+ Business Services at an Affordable Pricing…

  • Website Development | SEO
  • Company/Firm Registration
  • GST, ITR Registration & Return Filing
  • FSSAI & Other Govt. Licenses
  • MSME, ISO, Trademark, Patent Reg.
  • RTI, Pan, Passport, DSC & other KYC Services

We Love What We Do

We are a small team of tech enthusiasts. We learned things from scratch, applying and loving it. 

For us, every customer is special and customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Thanks to your trust, we are growing really fast!

We would like to introduce ourselves as customer focused IT firm, which have launched many clients’ information portal, and Business Applications.

DotDrift Technologies is a Website development firm specializing in providing custom business Applications to customers throughout the world. At DotDrift, we have three basic philosophies, which drive our business efforts.

The first one is a very simple concept – “do the right things for our customers”. When we work for a company, we listen to what they say and offer advice in return. Together we work with the business community as well as the technical staff to understand the current business needs and how best they can be addressed. We work in partnership with the business so that we can layout strategies and propose alternatives that help our customers accomplish their goals. We do this because customer satisfaction is the most important factor in how we measure our success

Secondly, we do the best work we possibly can. Our motto at DotDrift is “Quality in Computing” and we take it seriously. We believe that true craftsmanship can be extended into today’s technology workplace. We take pride in the work we do for our customers. That pride pushes us to provide the best solutions and the best service that we can deliver

And third, “Completing the Task” . Our company was founded because we realized that working, as a link inside our own company and with our customers is a big factor in the success of the projects that we work on. It is evident in any workplace when a group of people works together well, the work gets done. This is especially true in the information technology area where communication and a friendly environment are as important as technical ability. Providing technical skills is a must but at DotDrift we also bring a history of friendship, honesty, and integrity to the projects we participate in.

At DotDrift, we are committed to our customers. Our success directly relates to our ability to provide quality business solutions that work hard for our customers. We achieve more than other companies because we take pride in the work that we do and we work as a team. We believe that it is the combination of our three philosophies – doing the right things for our customers, craftsmanship, and DotDrift work – that makes DotDrift the right choice.